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6, 140 awarded TEVET bursary – Minister
January 17, 2020 at 14:26

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Government has awarded TEVET bursary to more than six thousand students in technical education and vocational training. Minister of Higher Education Dr. Brian Mushimba said all the applicants were awarded the scholarships. “All the 6,140 successful applicants for govt bursaries into vocational & colleges across the country have been awarded at various thresholds dictated by the vulnerability index. Government is committed to making education accessible and is walking the talk. Congrats to the awarded!” said the Minister.

Dr. Mushimba said all those students that applied for the bursaries in vocational colleges should go to their institutions and check their awards in the next few days. “Once more, congratulations! Vocational and entrepreneurship skills are increasingly relevant and essential.”

In the past, Government focused on supporting students in universities and it now wants to tilt support towards TEVET institutions, where students have been struggling to pay their tuition fees. The inclusion of TEVET learners to the bursary scheme is to ensure that more vulnerable students in TEVET institutions are supported for them to finish their training. The SDF opens opportunities to increase access and inclusive skills training so that no one is left behind.

Government wants more young people to attain skills and competencies that will help them find jobs or create their own enterprises. TEVET is of high priority for Government as it plays a critical role in addressing the current skills gaps in the country and enhancing inclusive access to skills development in line with the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP), Vision 2030 and other national aspirations.

The Vision 2030 places additional demands on TEVET as an engine the economy should rely upon to produce adequate levels of middle level work force needed to drive the sector development towards the attainment of goals articulated in the long-term national vision. TEVET offers an opportunity for many young people to gain technical and vocational skills both for self and formal employment. 

Therefore, it is important that institutions of learning partner with Government to inculcate into the youths with hands-on and entrepreneurial skills, national values and principles that lead to nation building and social development. These qualities would assist in fighting vices such as radicalisation, alcohol, drug and substance abuse. This will enable young people acquire relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes gained in the right way and be productive

The bursary in TEVET is one of the financing pillars of the Skills Development Fund (SDF). The main objectives of the SDF are to provide financial resource for the TEVET sector to help mitigate the enormous challenges of the sector. The proceeds from the Levy are expected to play an important role in developing a high quality, sustainable, demand-driven, and equitable TEVET system in the country.

The SDF provides for opening equal access to training funds on a competitive basis with due reference to national development priorities. The funding strategy sets precedence for disbursement modalities towards continuous improvement in the quality and relevance of training in relation to different sectors and 7NDP that recognise TEVET’s integral role in attaining those Vision’s goals. The Skills Development Fund is a strategic component in ensuring quality and relevant TEVET that increases employability, productivity and efficiency.