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Committee of the National Assembly on Education, Science and Technology visits TEVETA
May 27, 2024 at 13:13

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The Committee on Education, Science and Technology of the National Assembly of Zambia today visited TEVETA to appreciate the implementation of the two-tier system and the broad skills development landscape in line with the priority the Government has placed on skills for job and wealth creation. 

Committee Chairperson, Hon. Harry Kamboni (MP) said vocationalisation of education is among strategic reforms by Government aimed at improving the quality of skills among young people for them to effectively participate in the economy. 

The Chairperson who is also the Kalomo Central lawmaker urged TEVETA to create adequate time to engage parliamentarians on how to improve the quality of skills, especially with the introduction of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). He said consistent engagements with Parliamentarians was important to share insights on national development aspirations.

The Parliamentarians needed to understand how TEVETA is handling upgrading of curricula to ensure relevant skills are imparted on the young people and citizens taking up skills. 

Highlighting vocationalisation actions, TEVETA Director General, Cleophas Takaiza said the policy and sponsorship availability for vocational training have contributed to an increase in the number of youths taking up skills programmes. 

He said student enrollments increased from 37, 900 in 2021 to more than 110, 000 in 2023. "The number of training institutions registered with us also rose to 412 from 297. The private sector is increasingly coming into TEVET to improve access to skills development." 

Mr. Takaiza said expedited enactment of the Apprenticeship Act to improve the quality of skills in the country to ensure productivity, competitiveness and efficiency.