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TEVETA Develops a Strategy for Youth Employability Skills
January 20, 2024 at 10:5

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The TEVETA Board Chairperson, Ms. Ngoza Nkwabilo has said the Authority will continue to promote skills development in line with Government 's policy on skills enhancement as an alternative for job creation. She said TEVET A plays a critical role in skills development and fostering entrepreneurship opportunities for the citizens and will continue working with various stakeholders.

Speaking during the Validation Workshop for TEVETA Institutional Capacity Development Strategy for 2024-2026, Ms. Nkwabilo commended the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the European Union(EU) for the partnership in skills development and supplementing Government's efforts in job creation.

She further commended TEVETA members of staff for their honest feedback during the research, an indication that people were professional and mature enough to offer self-criticism which is vital for improvement in service provision.

And TEVETA Director General Mr. Cleophas  Takaiza said the Authority has identified areas to enhance capacity in the 2024-2026 Capacity Development Strategy. Mr. Takaiza said TEVETA will ensure reliable , relevant and practical examination and certification,up to date curriculum for competency based training,enhanced learning environment among others.

He said TEVETA will ensure that there is continuous professional development, digital infrastructure and equipment,research and innovation and resource mobilisation and partnerships.

Meanwhile the ILO Technical Advisor on Skills Development for Increased Employability Programme, Mr. Todini Marecha thanked TEVETA and other stakeholders in the TEVET sector for being a part of the validation workshop.

And the Consultant and Researcher,  Mr. Takaaki Kizu presented his findings highlighting TEVETA 's successes and challenges that need to be enhanced to make the authority effective in it's skills development. Mr. Kizu said there is political will in skills development in the country which has seen an increase in the demand for skills training opportunities among the citizens.