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TEVET Bursary 2023 Application
November 1, 2022 at 17:43

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                           REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA



The MoTS (TEVET) Bursaries Committee invites applications from successful School Leavers in need of Bursary support for the 2023 academic year at all MoTS Training Institutions.


The bursaries shall be disbursed in the following manner:

  1. Science, Technical, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) related programs, especially those identified in the National Development Plans, 60% of the bursaries and

  2. Business and allied skills, 40% of the bursaries.

The MoTS recognized the lack of adequate resources to provide bursaries to cover all the training expenses. Therefore, the bursary award shall cover the following key areas:

  1. Tuition fees to institution (100%) paid directly to training providers;

  2. Boarding fees particularly to rural institutions (to those that deserve boarding) paid directly to the training providers;

  3. Examination fees at 100% shall be paid directly to the training provider.

Please note that the Award shall NOT cover all the students’ educational requirements and as such, the students will accordingly be expected to   supplement from their own resources.


The bursary will be offered to vulnerable students that will meet the vulnerability selection criteria under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare. The applicant shall also meet the following:

  1. Must be Zambian and in possession of a Green National Registration Card (NRC);

  2. Must possess an Acceptance letter from a MoTS Institution;

  3. Must possess any of the following qualifications:

A) Grade 12 School Certificate or its equivalent for those applying for (Craft/Certificate, Technician/ Advanced Certificate, Technologist/ Diploma and Degree Programmes);

B) Grade 9 Certificate or Grade 7 Certificate for those applying for Trade Test Programmes.


The Bursary Awards will be governed by the following conditions:

  1. The bursary award shall be determined by the Government and shall NOT be negotiable by the student on his/her representative;

  2. The award shall be valid for one (1) academic year, one (1) semester or one (1) modular course. It shall be renewable upon production of satisfactory academic results. The bursary award shall NOT be transferable to another student. However, in instances where a student that was self-sponsored becomes vulnerable, a full assessment will be conducted to prove the new status;

  3. Those students who drop out after being awarded and paid for by the Government, will refund back the funds used as payment. A mechanism of paying back the money will be done by the MoTS and relevant stakeholders;

  4. Must meet the vulnerability criteria from the Social Welfare Department in the District they reside in and a Vulnerability status report should be obtained;

  5. Must not be on any other Bursary or Scholarship; and

  6.  Must not be more than 35 years unless it is in a short tailor made program.

 Application should be done online on https://tevetbursary.mots.gov.zm

Please note that only vulnerable Zambians need to apply for this Bursary and are expected to attach (pdf) documents that meet the eligibility criteria above and any other necessary documents in support of their vulnerability. e.g. for orphaned applicants – copies of death certificate of deceased parents or guardians.

Applicants must note that selection will be based on merit and the Ministry's decision will be final.

Female applicants are encouraged to apply.

Closing Date: 23rd December, 2022