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More than 8, 800 awarded TEVET bursaries across the country
January 29, 2022 at 10:4

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Ministry of Technology and Science has awarded TEVET bursary to eight thousand, eight hundred and thirteen (8, 813) students in technical education and vocational training. The bursary is aimed at increasing access to skills training and achieves inclusive skills and education delivery across the country. Over the years, Government limited student bursary to learners at the University of Zambia and Copperbelt University. The financial support has now been tilted towards TEVET, where learners have been struggling to pay their tuition fees. The inclusion of TEVET learners to the bursary scheme is to ensure that more vulnerable students and those applying national priority programmes (technical and science courses) in TEVET institutions are supported for them to finish their training. TEVET bursary covers tuition and examinations fees. Other fees are met by the learner’s parents or guardians.

Proceeds from the Skills Development Fund (SDF) are used to provide the TEVET bursary. The SDF opens opportunities to increase access and inclusive skills training so that no one is left behind. Government wants more young people to attain skills and competencies that will help them find jobs or create their own enterprises. TEVET is of high priority for Government as it plays a critical role in addressing the current skills gaps in the country and enhancing inclusive access to skills development in line with the Seventh National Development Plan, Vision 2030 and other national aspirations. The bursary is one of the financing areas of the SDF to ensure more learners access skills training. Applicants are required to obtain a support letter from Ministry of Social Welfare. The Social Welfare assesses the suitability of applicants to be awarded a bursary. Applicants apply for the TEVET bursary through TEVET institutions under the Ministry of Higher Education. It has not been extended to training institutions owned by other ministries, the church and private sector. Learners in training institutions not under the Ministry of Technology and Science access funding under different windows include the MSME/informal sector and employer-based training financing.  

The awarding is based on the bursary structure made by the Ministry of Technology and Science, which provides for 30% for applicants from the rural areas, 10% for persons with disabilities and 60% competed for by everyone. Applications are done online on the TEVET bursary system. The TEVET bursary system opens in the fourth quarter of the year. The award of TEVET bursary is based financial vulnerability of the applicant and being enrolled in a priority training programme such as technical, engineering and science courses. Persons with disabilities are allocated 10% of the bursary in the sector.

List of the awarded applicants