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Communication Strategy (2022)
Communication Strategy (2022)
Posted on 19 October, 2022 13:46

TEVETA reviewed the 2006 Information Education and Communication (IEC) Strategy. The review process involved an evaluation of the 2006 IEC Strategy through an engagement of internal and external stakeholders. Views of the stakeholders shaped the reviewed strategy. Strategic views from the stakeholders were key in the review process and development of objectives, communication strategies, channels of communication and messages for the revised IEC Strategy.

The objectives and strategies to achieve them are summarised below.

Strategy objectives

The main objective of this Communication Strategy is to establish effective two-way communication that raises awareness about our services, interventions in quality skilled labour force development and enhanced stakeholder engagement.

Specific Objectives 

  • To enhance our credibility and reliability in regulating technical education, vocational and entrepreneurship training;
    • To improve internal communication by developing feedback mechanisms between management and members of staff for improved individual and organisational performance.
    • To create an organised knowledge management system that allows us to capture, process, store, and share knowledge effectively and efficiently both internally and externally;
    • To establish ourselves as a Thought Leader of influence and Brand in developing quality skilled labour force;
    • To strengthen media relations to create opportunities for networking, partnerships and collaborations;
    • To monitor and evaluate stakeholder satisfaction for feedback on our service delivery;
    • To accurately and timely disseminate  information on interventions and programmes towards  regulatory excellence;
    • To promote a positive corporate image and a better understanding of our role in national development through consistent communication of our vision, mission, and core values;
    • To enhance awareness creation of our mandate among stakeholders  to garner appropriate support in developing quality skilled labour force;

These Objectives Will Be Achieved Through:

  • Strategic use of relevant traditional and digital media channels;
  • Production of media products, services and campaigns for visibility and corporate branding purposes;
  • Target-driven media appearances and collaborations through online outlets, paper/print, radio, and television;
  • Strategic collaborations and partnerships for enhanced networking, learning, and development;
  • Hosting of events and activities such as workshops, conferences, or strategic stakeholder visits aimed at enhancing communications outcomes, creating awareness, inspiring action, collaboration, and partnership development;
  • Effective use of social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube to drive information dissemination, prompt engagement for dialogue, call to action, collaboration, and feedback;
  • Production of communications products such as documentaries and podcasts to showcase our areas of intervention and impact in skills development;
  • Maximisation of our archived information, augmented with research and development (R&D) to grow our reputation as a leading Thought Leader in the sectors;
  • Deliberate collection, processing, storage, and sharing of knowledge;
  • Investing in digital devices and tools for effective monitoring and evaluation of communication activities

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