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Vital TEVETA links while keeping social distance
May 26, 2020 at 14:58

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In view of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and as guided by the Ministry of Health on social distancing and avoiding crowds to minimize and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have changed the way we provide services to our esteemed clients and engaging stakeholders. We have (temporarily) suspended walk-in services at our offices until we get further guidance by the Ministry of Health. Online systems will be utilized to access different services from us.

Examination related services are accessible on the Learner Data Management System (LDMS). The LDMS provides for training institutions to enroll students and upload student continuous assessments online. It also provides for students to view their results and continuous assessments. The LDMS accessible via https://www.teveta.org.zm/ldms/#/.

Applications for accreditation as a training institution, trainers, assessors and examiners can be done online using the Training Provider Monitoring System (TPMS).  The TPMS is a tool designed to capture information regarding to accreditation and certification of Trainers, Assessors, Examiners and registration of TEVET institutions. The system also includes online accreditation application feature that allows trainers, examiners and assessors to view their accreditation status. The TPMS is accessible on https://www.teveta.org.zm/apply.

Technical Education and Vocational Education Training (TEVET) Fund related queries can be made through WhatsApp: +260954590783 Email: tevetfund@teveta.org.zm; cnyirenda@teveta.org.zm; hntankula@teveta.org.zm. The TEVET Fund plays an important role in assisting the development of quality, sustainable, demand-driven, and equitable TEVET system.  The Fund establishes a financing platform that purchases training services from TEVET providers, on a competitive basis, for skills development in both the formal and informal sectors of the economy.

Government considers skills financing as critical assets for individuals, businesses and societies development. The matching skills and jobs is also highly prioritized policy concern because mismatches result into underutilization of existing human capital and lead to job vacancies not being filled in due to lack of appropriately skilled persons to fill them. The country is repositioning itself against skills mismatches using enhanced training and industry collaboration through TEVET financing for the MSMEs/informal sector and employer-based training in the formal sector to ensure employees are continuously up-skilled to retain their jobs and remain relevance to industry.

Other services can be requested through the Help Desk (https://www.teveta.org.zm/helpdesk/), WhatsApp +260954590783, Facebook http://facebook.com/TevetaZambia and Twitter https://twitter.com/TEVETAZM. Applications forms for registration as a training institution and student query forms can be downloaded on https://www.teveta.org.zm/downloads/. Bank details for different types of payment can be requested through WhatsApp +260954590783.

Help Desk System is an application that provides with information and support relation to TEVETA’s products and services. It provides a point of contact to gain assistance over TEVETA products and services, get answers to questions and solve known problems. Training institutions, learners and other stakeholders in the TEVET sector can use this platform to formerly send queries to TEVETA. The Help Desk System user guide is downloadable from www.teveta.org.zm. Other windows are accessible under navigation or applications on the website.

The online systems are meant to be a more reliable and accountable means of communication between the public and TEVETA. To see to it that no query goes unattended to the Helpdesk system was designed for the public to submit their issues officially and in a proper manner to TEVETA. The submitted queries do not only go answered to but also can later be used as reference to improve on service delivery of the institution. 

Examination frameworks, examination timetables, timelines for enrolments, examination entries, paying examination fees, continuous assessments uploading deadlines and dates for publishing continuous assessments and release of results are accessible on www.teveta.org.zm. Broadly, TEVETA is seeking ways of easing the cost of doing business using tailor-made management information systems. The management information systems are both computer and mobile phone compatible for usability by clients on different gadgets.

Priority areas of the management information systems are capture learner enrollments, learner demographics, learner progression rate, and learner graduation quantities and failure rate in the technical and vocational education training system. The systems also focus on tracer studies/learner employability analysis, assess relevance of the training, and staff demographics and ratio in relation to learners and trainers. Such insightful data is valuable in improving quality of TEVET, decision and policy making and sector financing to narrow skills gaps and mismatches. The management information systems are a robust information system that provides necessary information and feedback from stakeholders to ensure relevance of curriculum and industry responsive training.