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Waste to Resource: Grade 7 Pupil Earns Income from Waste-Made Replica Houses
November 12, 2017

Thrown and forgotten materials by households are useful resource to a Grade 7 pupil at King Solomon Primary School in Lusaka. John Kapimpa picks and uses plastic and other waste materials disposed by households to make replica houses for sell along the road to provide finances for food and meeting his school requirements and fees.

Talking during the 2016 Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show themed “Managing Environment for Growth,” John narrated that replica houses he designs and makes although were the preserve of well-up; he imaginatively replicate them to display his ingenuity, talent and ability to design and possible make things outside his reach.

John added that he looked at what he was capable of doing and from designing wire cars he ventured into making houses from the collection of valuable waste resource people dispose anywhere.

Delighted with John’s architectural works, someone who bought a replica house from him contacted the National Science Centre based at Kabulonga Boys Secondary School in trying to see how the boy could be integrated into the science and technical world even at the lower scale.

When the National Science Centre traced John, in disbelief, the teachers at the Centre requested John to dismantle the already made dummy house and start making a new one in their present. Beating their doubts, he made a far much better one.
Speaking to John, he cannot pinpoint his works as architecture ingenuity; but his products speaks volumes about what he can become as he grows up with appropriate support environment and team helping him meander around life blizzards. He has shown that today’s misfortunes can be a source of thinking outside the box and use what we are good at to break barriers in a small way.
Such talent needs immediate nurturing to see it to its fruition. The National Science Centre is doing its part, there are many others who can help building an empire of innovative minds that never take the easier route when life ushers them into hard ends. While others engage into petty theft, street begging and other misdemeanors, John has taken the novelty and noble way of getting around things.

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